Bus2Macarella To discover the beach of your dreams

Menorca has stunningly beautiful unspoilt beaches, like Macarella, that Menorcans and people from across the globe alike want to visit, especially in the summer months. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best way to get everybody to this dream beach by land is using the public Macarella Bus service. A bus that runs frequently to avoid traffic jams and maintain the natural balance of a unique beach.


From July 1st
Every 40 minutes
From 8:25 am to 7:45 pm, Monday to Sunday, including public holidays

The last bus leaves Macarella at 8:20 pm.
Friday and Saturday of July and August, last trips at 23:00 and 00:15 from Macarella.

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One way: 4,60 €
Return: 8,40 €

With transport card (T-General, T-Més i T-Jove):
One way: 2,30 €
Return: 4,20 €

Buy tickets


Booking and prices

What does the ticket cost? And for residents?

If you book online, the ticket costs €8.40 for a return.

The price at the ticket office or on the bus is €4.60 one way.

With Menorca Island Council transport card, the price is €4.20 per person (return) if you book online. You must present the transport card on the bus.

What card can I use to get a discount?

You can get a discount with the cards issued (free of charge) by the Menorca Island Council. T-Més, T-Jove, T-General.

For further information, please visit the MIC website (www.cime.es/) or go directly to the Council offices.

How can I book? What if I don’t have an internet connection?

On the websites www.bus2macarella.com and www.bus.e-torres.net. If you don’t have internet access, you can buy your ticket at the ticket office on Plaça dels Pins or on the bus on the perimeter road (Avinguda de Josep Mascaró Pasarius).

Is there a maximum number of seats that can be booked?

By providing the names of the passengers and paying for the booking, you can book up to the maximum number of seats available on the bus.

If I’ve already purchased my ticket, can I cancel or modify it?

You can park your car in the car parks near the perimeter road.

How can I cancel a ticket if I don’t have signal?

By phoning or at our tickets office on Plaça dels Pins and Vía Perimetral.

From what age do children need to have tickets?

Children over the age 4 need a seat and must have a ticket.

Stops and times

Where can I park my car?

You can park your car in the car parks near the perimeter road.

Does it only leave from the perimeter road?

All of the buses leave from the perimeter road, but to provide access to resiedents in the old town 9 buses a day leave from Plaça Pins.

In low season, there are 9 buses a day from Plaça dels Pins.

Does it run on the same timetable from Monday to Sunday? What about public holidays?

The timetable remains the same all week long, even on public holidays.

Could there be a bus before 8 am?

If there is a demand for it, there’s no reason not to have the first bus leave Ciutadella at an earlier time.

Where will the bus drop us of in Macarella?

The bus will drop passengers off in the Macarella car park (Santa Anna). We are working on getting a stop as close to the beach as possible.

What happens if there are people in Macarella without a booking because they have come by foot from Cala Galdana or the Camí de Cavalls?

If there are seats available, they can get on the bus. If not, they will have to wait for the next one to come along with available seats.

The recommendation is to book and pay for the ticket on our website. That way, the place is confirmed.


Can bicycles or other large objects be taken on the bus?

Bicycles that have not been folded down, surfboards, kayaks, etc. cannot be taken on the bus, but deck chairs, cool boxes, etc. can.

Is there a surcharge for luggage?

No, under no circumstances.


How many spaces are there on each bus?

There are buses with 30 spaces.

Are there seat belts on the buses?

Yes, on all the buses.

Why go by bus?

Why can you only go by bus to Macarella?

The growing interest of visitors in Menorca to go to Macarella beach has caused big traffic problems on the access road to the beach, especially on the section past the Torralbet area.

The Macarella beach is located in the “Natural Area of Special Interest” on the South Coast of Menorca, regulated by its Special Plan in order to maintain its natural virtues and for the upkeep of its attraction to visitors. This Special Plan defines, among other things, the width of the track and the size of the car park, in order to regulate the human impact on the beach, a basic element for the conservation of natural spaces.

Access to the beach by bus can reduce the level of conflict with the access road, and keep the beach in good condition, making it easy to visit and ensuring access thanks to advance ticket booking.

Why is the bus incompatible with private transport?

The last section of the access road to Macarella beach is very tight and means that buses cannot pass regularly at the same time as private cars. This situation means that public transport to Macarella beach has to replace private transport, unlike the situation at Son Saura, Cala Turqueta and La Vall where, due to the nature of the tracks, public transport can exist in addition to private transport.